Sasquatch Music Festival – An Adventure of Epic Proportions Part II


In Part II of our Sasquatch experience, we highlight the shows we caught on the fest’s first day. We definitely enjoyed some bands more than others, but each contributed to a mind-blowing first day getting accompanied with the festival.


ZZ Ward (Highly Recommended!)

  • This sassy, tough chick will blow you away with her raspy vocals and bluesy sound. Despite being one of the first artists to perform at the fest, she entertained with a a clean set and really gave the crowd a feel for her rebel style. With a comfortable stage presence and a bit of edge, ZZ Ward could command venues as grandiose as The Gorge and intimate as a neighbourhood coffee shop. Check out her single, Put the Gun Down.

Reignwolf (Recommended!)

  • With a sound that resembles the Headstones, this grizzly singer plays on the edgier side. Reignwolf’s booming guitar is groovy enough to…

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“Maybe in music you’re making an auditory environment and maybe you change your environment around you to suit your own way.”
Florence Welch

“Maybe in music…

Interview: Twin Shadow


As posted on The Flog on July 13, 2012.

Don’t judge Twin Shadow – the man or the music – on first impression. With a beauty that makes onlookers drool and a swag so valuable it must be illegal, one would automatically assume that a man that puts his own face on the front of his record because he knows he’s a “good looking guy” is probably just as cocky as the king of spades. But his records and persona alike must be judged progressively. While initial perceptions enticed opinions of jadedness and arrogance, it became evident that George Lewis Jr., the man behind the moniker, was a man of extreme depth and ruthless sincerity. In an industry where individuals strive to fashion the perfect image of themselves on a daily basis, Lewis doesn’t beat around the bush, and chances are it can be hard to digest the first time…

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